Instro Experimento Poster.jpeg

What can be used as a musical instrument? 

A Piano? YES!

A computer? YES!

A wet shoe? Ummmm… YES!

But how???

Instro Experimento is part music workshop, part open studio, part mad scientist toolshed. 

See a range of everyday objects become live ‘musical instruments’ using microcomputers and interactive touch technologies.

Some of the objects participants can create sounds and music include:

  • A water cup – which becomes a piano simply by dipping a finger in water
  • A painting – which uses conductive paint
  • Pool noodles – which become drum sticks
  • Hands – which will make music simply giving high fives and fist bumps!

As seen on Mamma Knows East

Instro Experimento was proudly supported by the Abbottsford Convent Foundation. Workshops by Glen Walton, Cayn Borthwick and Edwina Atkins