Projects that are in development and are looking for collaborators and presenting partners.


THE WALL is a powerful and ubiquitous symbol of division, separating lands, fauna, and peoples, it also represents an opportunity, to bring us together and subvert its power. This composition for Interactive 'smarT' defensive bollards and percussion ensemble breaks down the barriers of performer/ audience, beginnings/ endings, and public installation/ art music.

THE WALL will define, then restructure the barrier between composer, performer, audience and participant by combining public installation with a structured modern composition performance. This work removes art music from the concert hall and places it in public sphere. This project is about connection; not only with an interactive musical wall, but also the connection of people with each other as they become musical collaborators.  

THE WALL is a new interactive musical installation being developed by Playable Streets in collaboration with Paul Lim and Robert Jarvis. 

Supported by the Alan C. Rose foundation.

EARLY Prototype including 24 contact points and audio effects that are controlled by moving the bollard back and forth.



Renowned Melbourne musician and visual artist Steph Hughes and interactive digital arts company Playable Streets team up to develop new and bizarre instruments with children aged 9 - 12.

These ‘kidstruments’ will be turned into working prototypes that will be presented as part of an installation featuiring guests from the Melbourne music scene who will try to play these inventions. If you are interested and want to know more please email Glen: