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Rainbow Sweeny
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Clippy was created by Playable Streets in association with Polyglot Theatre.

Clippy is a unique digital instrument that turns everyday objects into triggers for any sound imaginable!

Clippy allows anyone to make their own instrument and become a musician! The oversized clips on Clippy can be used to create individual compositions using numbers instead of note names. In much the same way that Bach used his name as a motif and Schoenberg crunched numbers to create musical masterpieces, participants create music from their names (or any text) using a musical cryptogram! This allows people of any musical skill level to create tonal music compositions and play them using this unique interface.

These workshops combine music, technology, art and design to offer students a collaborative experience to discover and explore the unlimited potential of Clippy. Create, build and communicate using the language of sound through this unique platform.

Clippy is an instrument that is in development, ready to be tested and developed by students through a series of workshops that cover music and technology, prototyping and inventions, and musical composition.

60-minute Clippy workshops involve students creating objects out of tin foil and found everyday objects (to create triggers), drawing and creating abstract musical compositions!

Clippy 2.0

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