Hello World! Let's make some noise! / by Glen Walton

Glen Walton here, beginning a blog! Another blog! This one will contain a broad range of inspiration from the world of music, technology, art, design and more! I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to comment or contact me at playablestreets@gmail.com

Playable Streets has a singular focus, to encourage people to reach out and touch the world.

In that spirit, here we go!

This is a time-lapse video Cayn Borthwick and myself in development of a new interactive work (currently titled PLAYSpace) created with support from the Abbotsford Convent Foundation. The week seemed to go by as fast as this video suggests! Looking forward to seeing how this work develops, stay tuned.

PLEASE DON'T DANCE: Been listening to the Elvis biography 'Last Train To Memphis' on audiobook. Elvis was told not to dance like he had in his first TV appearance, they put him in a tuxedo and made him sing to a dog, being careful to cut to Scotty Moore's solo just in case. Compare that to this clip of Elvis' first TV appearance only a few weeks earlier! Wild man!


'Bipolar' by James Alliban, he uses the body as a canvas to visualise sound!

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